Easy Fibre wants to be the chosen partner for any operator and any service provider- existing or new to the market – which seek to build and run a communication service in our region.

We want to be seen as a flexible and reliable partner in the region with a unique product offering:

Easy Fibre: One contact, one contract and one Service Level Agreement.

We see our customers as traditional national or international telcos and as datacenter providers. We also see our customers as large enterprise clients and OTT’s active in our region. We wish to offer our services to a broad range of potential customers.

We want both our offering, ordering and implementation of the dark fiber to be seen as Easy. Regardless of which network owner the customer wants to engage with, there will always be a single contact, a single contract and a single project manager to steer the process.

We want the same principle to apply to our service offering: Easy Fibre operates with one common SLA regardless of which Easy Fibre company that owns the fibre used in a given solution. The SLA will be the same for the entire solution and should  the network  experience problems, the customer will only work with one NOC to deal with the troubleshooting and fault-finding in order to minimize downtime regardless of the underlying infrastructure ownership

Procedures and processes for serving customers – future as well as present -are in place and are constantly evaluated and quality assured by the members of the group.